The statement stated that two MiG 21 LanceR fighter jets took off after the suspicious object was discovered, and it was claimed that the fighter jets reached the area where the object was discovered after 10 minutes, but the presence of the object could not be confirmed. This object. The statement also indicated that when the fighter jets were unable to make visual contact with the target or confirm radar, they circled the area for 30 minutes before returning to base.

Moldova, which borders Romania and Ukraine, briefly closed its airspace for undisclosed security reasons, then reopened it. It is not yet known if the two events are related to each other.

The Pentagon announced on February 12 that it had shot down an unidentified flying object over Lake Huron near the Canadian border with F-16 aircraft. Described as an octagonal structure with dangling ropes, the flying object in question was not seen as a military threat at all on the ground, but was said to be a danger to civil aviation because it was flying at 20,000 feet. Read More: Ny Time Up

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